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A Bed & Barn. The “Inn at White Pine” was in the country in the midst of the mountains surrounding Deer Lake, located just 35 miles north of Spokane, and within walking distance of the lake and adjacent to hundreds of miles of logging roads and trails. It was geared toward horse riders and had ample stables. Those staying at the inn were able to enjoy the quiet mountains and incredible scenery and views of the lake from the back of a horse. The inn was located in one of the most beautiful and serene areas that Eastern Washington has to offer.  Summer activities around the inn included horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking.  Other nearby activities include  fishing, swimming and boat rentals at Deer Lake Resort, which is located just 1/2 mile from where the Inn. Winter Activities at the White Pine Inn included cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Current status of the White Pine Inn is not available. Those that are interested in possibly purchasing this website or domain can contact the owner using the information provided on the About page at this website.

Are you considering purchasing a riding horse for your child? If so, here are several factors to take into consideration. First, keep in mind that the best quality riding horses can cost well into the six figure range, although for most beginners, a gentle trail riding horse, preferably older, will cost around $1000. However, there are many additional expenses that will go along to maintain your horse once you have purchased it. First, you need to adequately board your horse. How much it costs to board your horse will depend on both the location of the stables and what you pay those who take care of your horse daily if this is necessary. Just a basic stall might run as little as $200 a month, but you will need to cover the costs to fed and bed the horse yourself as well as perform all the daily tasks associated with boarding the horse, including cleaning the stalls and providing daily feedings. If you hire someone to do these tasks for you on a daily basis, the labor itself might run in the $400 month range. However, costs of both boarding and labor are highly dependent on the market in the area the stables are located in, and may adjust seasonally as well. Also, things like feed are highly dependent on the area you are in, especially if you need to import large amounts of hay. Next, you will need to invest in riding lessons for your child. These are extremely important, and having your child in a continuing horse riding education program is probably best. Even if they know how to ride already, a professional instructor can help you child probably train and avoid potential problems before they happen on an ongoing basis. Next, your horses hooves need to be carefully cared for as they grow at a remarkable rate and they will need to be trimmed and reshod every month or two. This will cost in the range of $100 each time you do this task, however, if some corrective shoeing is necessary it will be even higher. Another regular expense you will have is both routine and emergency veterinary care. Your horse will need shots and de-worming every couple of months. They also need regular dental care as well. The horse will need to have its teeth filed so that sharp edges on the teeth do not hurt the horse or cause in problems when bridling. This is process is known as making the teeth “floated.” All medical and dental costs will run at least $500 a year, although it will be substantially higher if your horse has any health problems that needs special or emergency care. What else? Well, you will need a quality saddle for your child and the horse. A good used child sized saddle might be found for only a couple hundred dollars online, but you need to make sure the one you purchase fits properly. New saddles can often costs in the thousand of dollars. Really! However, you should be able to get a quality new saddle plus bridle and bits for around $750. Quality children saddles can become a family heirloom – something that your children can pass down to their kids in years to come, so think of it as an investment in your family’s future. You will need daily care equipment as well, such as supplies to groom your horse. This includes items such as brushes, spray to keep away flies, shampooers, leg wraps, small injury ointment, hoof picks, blankets, sheets and any supplements your horse needs. For children, you might also want to keep a wooden rocking horse on site for them to play with while you work on the “real” horse. Try to store this stuff separately from other peoples supplies in a boarding barn, or else you might find you go through it quicker than you should. A tack trunk is a great place to store such items, by the way, especially if you get one that can be locked. You might want to ask your trainer for a good suggestion. There are probably other expenses too that are not included in this list – such as the jacket that accidentally got chewed on and now needs to be replaced.  But as long as you have a good idea of what the expenses are before you purchase a horse for your child you should be well prepared. There are many reasons to professionally board your horses. Obviously, the most frequent reason people do this is because they don’t have stables of their own, but given the expense, you may consider building them if the financial situation dictates this.

However, there are some other reasons to go the professional boarding route. First, you animal will likely get daily care from an experienced handler, which will make them more calm and focused when you child rides the horse. Next, you know that they will be well cared for since professional stables must be licensed and are often inspected regularly. Finally, your horse will be looked after full time, something you may not be able to do yourself. Many also have vets on call as well, in case of emergencies. And finally, a professional stable may provide more space for your horse to live comfortably in. However, some of the downsides of professionally stabling your horse are the costs involve as well as the distance – if they are not nearby. You will not be able to bond with or ride your horse as frequently as you may want to, and your child will not learn the responsibilities necessary to care for a horse full time – which can be a very valuable life lesson and lead to very profitable careers. Owning a horse is not like owning cheap electric scooters or a chair lift for stairs – it is a huge investment of time and money! Owning your own horse and stable so that you can ride any time you want is one of the greatest joys of horse ownership. With a stable at your home, you will not need to commute just to see and ride your horse. Instead, anytime you feel like it, you can saddle her up and go for a ride. Also, you will not have to rely on anyone else to care for your horse and possibly worry about your horses well being. Nor will you have to pay the bills associated with that as well. Finally, if you have the land, you can customize your horses stables to suite your needs however you want, and perhaps even board other horses to earn some money on the side. Having your own horse if a wonderful experience that nearly everyone who loves horses should have at least once in their lifetime! There are many articles and books online and for sale that can help you with the basics of care, so you should not be afraid to go down this route if it is the one for you. However, you should realize that owning a horse is expensive and a lot of hard work as well, and if you are buying a horse for a child, you should make sure they are fully aware of the responsibility involved. This knowledge should come before you get the horse, since after you buy one it can be very difficult to get rid of it without causing emotional distress both for your child and the horse as well.

Gardening Advice and Supplies

rosesParty of what makes White Pine Inn so wonderful is the attention and detail paid to the perennial gardens and other landscaping features surrounding the inn. In particular, in recent year a lot of attention has been paid to developing the rose gardens.

Rose gardening is a complicated activity, and it can be a bit painful as well if you don’t have rose garden gloves or at least some extra long gardening gloves to help protect your hands and upper arms from thorns. You also need to pay careful attention to the variety of roses you are growing, to make sure they are well suited to the climate in the area you live, and also the colors. Fortunately, there are many different beautiful kinds of roses available. White Pine Inn actually favors pink roses, and we even have some fun pink garden gloves as well to make the gardening tasks more enjoyable!

We also like to grow our own vegetables and recent read a great piece on how to best build a small greenhouse for your home or farm. If you are thinking about putting a greenhouse in on your land, you’ll find some useful tips there. We think greenhouses are a great way both to get a head start each year on our vegetable farming and also prolong the season.

Gardens don’t only have to be for plants either. The backyard homesteading movement has encourage a lot of people to consider building small, cute hen houses on their properties. For some inspiration, visit the website “Cute Coops” at: http://cute-coops.com.

Gardening can be loads of fun as long as you have the right tools in hand. Greenhouses, using some of the best raised vegetable planters and bed techniques and protecting yourself are just some of the tips the gardeners at White Pine inn follow in order to make sure the inn remains a beautiful and pleasant place to visit!